Monday, June 29, 2015

Bachelorette Kaitlyn: Regrets? I've had a few

Hey everyone. Ready for another rose ceremony? Because that's how these shows start these days. Such drama as we try to remember what happened last week. But this much I do remember: There's a two-on-one that didn't get started.

But before any ceremony or date, Shawn gets serious with Kaitlyn. He asks her point blank: "Are you in love with me?" She's stuck for an answer, finally coming up with the old standby, "I'm falling in love with you."

He's being a big baby. I guess when they were drawing cards to be given their roles for the season, he was given the role of the guy who doesn't understand that he's not the only one on the show. There's one in every season.

He tells her, "I don't know if I can do this." She says he just has to decide if he can do it. And she kisses him slowly to shut him up. Snivelling, she tells the camera she feels guilty that he knows she was intimate with Nick the Slick. But her feelings for Shawn are "overwhelming." She feels "awful" and cries in her hand. She doesn't feel guilty over being intimate with Nick, though; she just feels awful about how it might affect the others. Interesting distinction, to be sure. Semantics anyone?

She says she feels like she's constantly disappointing people. Her heart would break if Shawn left. But he ain't going nowhere, I sense.

Yes, finally the two-on-one with JJ and Joe. She says JJ is attractive. I'm blaming the editing on that one. No way she said that. Impossible. Moonshine Joe's no great shakes but at least he's devoid of JJ's personality. That's a plus.

The three of them take a boat ride. Looks like a fishing vessel but I'm not sure. They arrive at some tiny deserted island. Whoever was there before them left a picnic basket and some blankets. Luck of the Irish!

She sits with Joe on a rocky beach. What is JJ doing during this time? There's literally nothing else to do on the island. Hope he brought a book. Joe tells her he's falling in love with her then starts eating her lips. Can't blame him the way she sticks them out the way she does. She says Joe blew her away.

Now it's JJ's turn. He promises to show the worst of himself. Interesting strategy. Turns out, three years ago he cheated on his wife. Surprising. He seemed like such a nice young man. (sarcasm font) He made a mistake that destroyed his life. He doesn't say whether it was with a man or woman. She thinks he probably learned a lot from that. I'm sure he did. Cheaters hardly ever cheat more than once. They always learn their lesson and then become model spouses.

Now it's rose time. She says she doesn't know what she's going to do. She feels sick. She tells them she's genuinely looking for a husband and these things take time. She tells Joe she doesn't feel like they've had that time. But on the other hand, it's not fair to keep JJ there when his daughter's at home if she doesn't see a future with him. Hallelujah!

But she doesn't give the rose to Joe, either, because she needs more time. So they're going to spend some more time together while JJ gets a free trip to the USA!

They go to a room and talk a bit between kisses. Joe looks the most relaxed he's been all season.

He returns to the guys and tells them he's falling in love with "the girl." Shawn immediately gets up and leaves. Or at least that's how the edit would have us believe. He walks to the elevator and says it's cards on the table time.

Kaitlyn's curled up in a ball on her sofa. Then she's being interviewed and the producer says, "They're telling me Shawn's on his way over right now." So she gets warned. I would assume they always get warned but this is the first time they've shown us. Usually we see them answering the door all fake-surprised.

She immediately thinks Shawn's going to leave so she bawls. He knocks. She whispers, "I don't want to go through this." Then she answers the door with tear-stained cheeks. She invites him to the couch.

She tells him she's having a rough time. He reveals what she said off-camera in Texas. She looked him in the eyes and said, "I think you're the one." So that's why he's been so jealous of everyone else. Instead of letting that build his confidence, he let it eat away at him every time she kissed someone else.

She says maybe she's at fault for reassuring him so much. She tells him it's hard for everyone. Everyone else is so positive and she's wasting time reassuring him all the time. He says the more reassurance she gives him, the harder it gets for him. That leaves her confused because she doesn't know if she should back off or not. This isn't making her closer to him. She finds him needy. And that's because he is.

Now we get Kaitlyn's side. She says Shawn asked her if he was the one and she said that's just how she felt at that moment but now regrets saying it. Oh, that impetuous Kaitlyn. It's one regret after another for her.

It's cocktail party time. She gets the party started by telling them how difficult her week has been. She's emotional and confused and has made mistakes. But her heart is still open. Sounds like it's going to be a fun party!

She says she's never been this nervous. The guys aren't sure what she meant by "mistakes." Well, Nick the Slick knew, but he wasn't talking. Shawn thinks he knows. Her statements are like a Rorschach test. You can see in them anything you want.

Zed steals her away. They sit outside and he takes the opportunity to kiss her in Ireland. She finds him handsome and manly.

Aitch takes her into the library. He needs to talk to her. She looks worried. He says something happened but he doesn't know what. He knows something was said to Shawn that changed things, gave him validation. But he doesn't want to know details. He just wants to make sure he's not just spinning his wheels. I guess he's looking for validation, too, but in a slightly less whiny way.

She thanks him for talking about it and not jumping to any conclusions. Aitch is certainly Bachelor material if he doesn't make it the whole way through. Who's with me on this? Good-looking, sense of humour, sane.

Slick sits down with Kaitlyn. He fears she was talking about him. She tells him she fears him being a loudmouth. He assures her he hasn't been. Then he gets emotional, trying his best to show his vulnerability. He's good. She bought it hook, line and stinker. She said his emotions were "so sincere." She was drawn to it. It changed any concerns she had for him. So they kiss some more, as they are wont to do.

Next it's Shawn's turn. Again. He apologizes for making her week hard for her. He says he got in his own head and drove himself a little crazy. She says she's to blame. Very Canadian. She tells him she never should have made that sweet gesture. It messed everything up. He asks her what she's thinking, looking concerned. She tells him they need to take a step back. Ah, so nothing to be concerned about. That's always a sign that things are going swimmingly.

They zoom in on his face and I find it hard to believe Shawn is only 28. He could easily pass for 40.

We're just over one hour in so of course it's time for the rose ceremony. Three roses to hand out. Slick, Patchy, and Moonshine already have roses. We didn't see Joe being offered his rose but he's wearing one now so we have to assume he didn't just pick one up at a market and pin it to his lapel.

She tells Chris Harrison that sometimes she makes impulse decisions. This just in! Ya think?! She's sounding like Shawn will not get a rose because he wouldn't be able to handle finding out about her sleeping with Slick.

Two are going home. Shawn and Cupcake? Those are my calls. Let's see how it goes:

  1. Aitch
  2. Cupcake!
  3. Shawn
Wow. Oh-for two! But I blame the editors. Tissue Tanner and Zed are the casualties. Tanner tells her, "It's been fun." The manly Zed says, "Thank you for everything." He says he didn't see it coming. He was blindsided. He really thought they had something good. There will be calls for Zed to be the next Bachelor, but Aitch is the better one, I believe. Especially if they do steroid testing.

She's terrified that her mistakes could sabotage her happiness.

We come back from commercial and my wife says, "Oh, it's still on?" See, these random rose ceremonies are screwing with people's inner clock.

They're going to Killarney. Everyone on a "Paddywagon" except for Patchy, who gets to ride in the car with Kaitlyn. She drives. The steering wheel is on the right side, and the traffic is on the left. She hits the curb three times.

They arrive at the Blarney Stone. It's on the top of a castle-like structure. They have to lean over the edge backwards to kiss it. That was just a pit-stop, though. They keep going to a legit castle, where Kaitlyn is staying. It's apparently haunted, she says, and adds the queen has stayed there, too. Now why would the bloody Queen of England and the Commonwealth be put up in a haunted castle? I think she was confusing it with Hamlet. Anyway, they have a cocktail on her bed and kiss. The ghosts mind their own business.

In the bus, we see Shawn sleeping with some very obvious fake snoring edited in. That's below the belt. Maybe he was sawing logs and they didn't catch it so felt it was fair game to edit it in later.

Patchy kisses her goodbye. Then Harrison knocks on her door. He asks her to be honest with him: is she ready to visit four families? She says yes. She tells him her "mistake" about getting her field plowed by Slick. Harrison says, "That's good. We all screw up." And screw, period, am I right? He tells her she needs to get the other relationships up to speed. Nudge-nudge, wink-wink, say no more. That's a task Kaitlyn is up for!

She's going to send home three guys this week, instead of just two. She's going to get Fantasy Suite time before the Hometowns instead of the other way around. The guys think hometowns will be next, but here's Harrison to fill them in that the overnight dates will be in Ireland.

Dr. Cupcake gets the first one-on-one. We've seen the teaser and he weeps so maybe he doesn't come back. That'll probably be the cliffhanger.

They greet each other and kiss, but it's definitely close-mouthed. A helicopter arrives and whisks them up, up and away. They land on some cliffs. They look like the Cliffs of Despair from Princess Bride. They sit right on the edge and have a picnic. Her heart definitely is not here. He has no clue.

She asks him what their lives would look like if they were together. She asks him if he would want to stay in Nashville. He dances around the question.

She tells him she's freaking out a little bit. She cries. He comforts her not knowing what's coming. She says every time she's with him, it's so good. But she promised herself she wouldn't lead any relationship on. He calmly says he sees what she's saying. She blames herself again, as any good Canadian can relate to. He tells her she's just scared. She says he's everything she wants in somebody, but she doesn't fully see it so she says bye to him. He says, "I really wish that you could be my wife." What he really should have said was, "Inconceivable!" But he gets up and kisses her on the forehead. She walks back to the chopper. He will have to climb down, I guess.

"I think that she's wrong and I don't think she really knows what she wants," he says. But he'd rather know now than next year or in twenty years. Really? He wouldn't like a good twenty-year run with the woman of his dreams? He says she deserves a lifetime of happiness, but "I'm not sure she's ready to find it. Looking at her, she's a mess." He cries right near the edge of the cliff. It looked for a second that he was going to jump. A producer takes a step toward him. He comes to his senses and sits down and bawls like few have bawled before him on this show. Maybe he should have jumped. Less embarrassing.

No cliffhanger. Ironic considering they were right there on a cliff. They just don't get it.

Next week Kaitlyn sits down the remaining guys and confesses she had sex with Nick. And she says "sex," not "was intimate with." Not sure why she felt the need to confess, but it's probably because they'd all find out by watching the show anyway. Looks like they weren't too happy. Didn't see that coming.

And that's that.


Anonymous said...

Well, this has been quite the season. I have hardly been able to keep up with the changes. Rose ceremonies and cocktail parties just any old time. Overnights before hometowns. Bachelorettes confessing "intimacies." I kind of like seeing the production crew a little, especially when they are saving lives!
I think it's time for Kaitlyn to cowboy up and remember who she is. She is in charge, and all of this crying has to stop!

runner mom said...

Entertaining as usual, right on the money. Thanks, Guy!! I think Kaitlyn is not quite ready for this role and they need to stop the season now. Her blog is filled with emphasizing how HARD this is. Well of course! I thought it was accurate, however, when she wrote that she felt a bit sick when JJ told her he cheated on his wife. She explained her naive attraction to him by saying she didn't get to see what the guys in the house saw. I bet watching it on TV was a big eye opener. JJ's strategy was odd...I think deep dark secrets of your past should be told AFTER you've established you are in a committed relationship.I was so glad she picked Joe but I really don't see how he is falling in love. They haven't spent that much time together. I don't think Chris Harrison has a clue about appropriate sympathetic responses. "That's good...." is not what you say when someone is confessing their regrets. I guess he was thinking of the great marketing aspect of her actions? To me, the fact that she keeps insisting she doesn't feel guilty about "the act" itself but about what it will do to the other relationships means she is in such denial. You can't separate the two ideas because you are ON TV DATING MULTIPLE GUYS. I look forward to the truth-telling episode. These guys need to know why she has been such an emotional train wreck.