Tuesday, September 14, 2010

BP: That's all she wrote

So that's that.

Not much to read here because, well, I didn't watch the finale. Basketball season started and I got home when my wife was watching the last 20 minutes. During the Bachelor/ette season, I'd go upstairs until she was finished then watch it all on the PVR. But why bother with this show? So I watched the last 20 minutes with her and never looked back. If I had been home, I would have watched for sure, but I felt no pressing need to catch it no matter what. And that can't be a good thing for a series. That would be like watching every single NFL regular season game then skipping the Super Bowl. When your fans are doing that, there's a problem. Thumbs down from me and the Fonz.

What was it about it? I liked it at first. I think maybe it's because I can't root for the overdog. The least likable people should not win in my books. I didn't like how the show favoured couples since they said it was just a contest for $250,000. I didn't like the duplicity.

So this much I know:
  • Gia and her collagen split up with her boyfriend (thanks Bachelor Pad!) and hooked up with Wes.
  • Wes continues to sing that nauseating song. Figured out why: It's not that it's the only one he knows how to play; but when I saw everyone singing along to it, I knew it was to ingrain it in all our brains so it becomes a hit. If I never hear it again, it'll be too soon.
  • Elizabeth and Kovacs have split up (thanks Bachelor Pad!).
  • David's still arrogant.
  • Natalie's still vapid.
  • When Michelle called out Tenley, all Tenley could do was apologize, but she didn't say if she was misunderstood or didn't mean to spread lies. So the apology was moot, I'd say. You can't punch someone in the face and then say sorry and expect to get away with it. Either it was a misunderstanding or an outright deceit. Only one is excusable.
  • I kinda liked the Prisoner's Dilemma situation with the voting, but you know they coached Natalie on her last line, making us think she voted to keep the money. What were they so excited about, though? They were in it to win $250,000, which, after taxes, would still be a couple hundred grand or close to it. And they wound up with $125,000, which, after taxes, is quite a bit less than one hundred grand. I know, nothing to sneeze at, but it's not what they came for, either.
  • Melissa is still adorably cute but doesn't have the gravitas to be a good host.
That's it. Let's hear what you think (if you even watched).