Monday, February 21, 2011

Week 8: Mr. Brad says goodbye to Lady Death

Look at me! A non-post on the actual night of the actual telecast! So let's not waste any more time and get right to my random thoughts for the week:

* My first reaction to Emily calling our hero "Mr. Brad" was derision. But I grew to love it. I was talking the other day about how we all used to call our friends' parents Mr. or Mrs. Surname, or in some cases Uncle or Aunt So-and-So, and that we couldn't imagine kids calling us that now. But I want start that Mr./Mrs. First Name thing. And, in fact, from here on out it's Mr. Brad from me.

* Mr. Brad said about (or to) Chantal that he can't deal with an emotional roller coaster. Maybe he isn't ready to get married afterall.

* How rich is Chantal's family?! Holy crap. I thought they were walking up to a museum. They could film The Bachelor there. They even have a statue. Good lord. And why is it all rich women (here's looking at you, Mrs. Chantal's Mom) feel they need to get face lifts and Collagen? Yikes.

* I don't know what Chantal's dad does for a living, but he's a self-described "self-made man" and seems quite proud of that. When he asked Mr. Brad where he saw himself at the age of 45 or 50, Mr. Brad said happiness means family to him. This is the one time in the history of the franchise I thought that was the wrong answer. I got the impression Daddy Warbucks would be more impressed if Mr. Brad had a plan to be just as rich and successful on his own.

* Ashley gets points for introducing poutine to an American audience. But Mr. Brad couldn't have been serious when he said it looks delicious. Even though it's good, it looks like someone threw up on the fries.

* That had to be quite a culture shock going from the mansion in Seattle to the, er, modest home in Madawaska, Maine. That together with Ashley's sister, Lydia the Tattooed Lady, I thought for sure Ashley would be the one sent home.

* "She'll be a dentist." What the hell?! All season long the graphics have told us Ashley is a dentist. Why didn't it say "student"? This show is so full of it.

* Shawntel was my hands-down favourite, so in a way I'm kind of glad she got the boot. She's too good for Mr. Brad.

* Her tour of the crematory and funeral home gave Mr. Brad the creeps. How old is the guy? Mid-thirties and he says he's never even thought of death?

* Sweet Emily is pretty cool, too. "I made a new friend!" she told little Rickey. Boy, Mr. Brad is a real natural with kids, isn't he?... (Uh, no. The answer is no.)

* The robotic Mr. Brad was priceless when he told Emily, "I honestly don't think I could be happier right now" without a trace of a smile or twinkle in his eyes. Just the usual tight-lipped frown.

* When Mr. Brad was sitting down with Shawntel just before shoving her into the limo, he tried to soften the pain by saying, "I didn't feel like a man should feel when you tell him you love him. It's not your family; they were great." The women here will have to be the final judge, but I would have thought she'd rather it be her family's fault than the fact she just doesn't do it for him. Am I wrong?

* Upcoming highlights hint at trouble in South Africa. Oh, how I hope this train derails!

* Shawntel for Bachelorette! Get on it, producers!