Monday, February 21, 2011

Week 8: Mr. Brad says goodbye to Lady Death

Look at me! A non-post on the actual night of the actual telecast! So let's not waste any more time and get right to my random thoughts for the week:

* My first reaction to Emily calling our hero "Mr. Brad" was derision. But I grew to love it. I was talking the other day about how we all used to call our friends' parents Mr. or Mrs. Surname, or in some cases Uncle or Aunt So-and-So, and that we couldn't imagine kids calling us that now. But I want start that Mr./Mrs. First Name thing. And, in fact, from here on out it's Mr. Brad from me.

* Mr. Brad said about (or to) Chantal that he can't deal with an emotional roller coaster. Maybe he isn't ready to get married afterall.

* How rich is Chantal's family?! Holy crap. I thought they were walking up to a museum. They could film The Bachelor there. They even have a statue. Good lord. And why is it all rich women (here's looking at you, Mrs. Chantal's Mom) feel they need to get face lifts and Collagen? Yikes.

* I don't know what Chantal's dad does for a living, but he's a self-described "self-made man" and seems quite proud of that. When he asked Mr. Brad where he saw himself at the age of 45 or 50, Mr. Brad said happiness means family to him. This is the one time in the history of the franchise I thought that was the wrong answer. I got the impression Daddy Warbucks would be more impressed if Mr. Brad had a plan to be just as rich and successful on his own.

* Ashley gets points for introducing poutine to an American audience. But Mr. Brad couldn't have been serious when he said it looks delicious. Even though it's good, it looks like someone threw up on the fries.

* That had to be quite a culture shock going from the mansion in Seattle to the, er, modest home in Madawaska, Maine. That together with Ashley's sister, Lydia the Tattooed Lady, I thought for sure Ashley would be the one sent home.

* "She'll be a dentist." What the hell?! All season long the graphics have told us Ashley is a dentist. Why didn't it say "student"? This show is so full of it.

* Shawntel was my hands-down favourite, so in a way I'm kind of glad she got the boot. She's too good for Mr. Brad.

* Her tour of the crematory and funeral home gave Mr. Brad the creeps. How old is the guy? Mid-thirties and he says he's never even thought of death?

* Sweet Emily is pretty cool, too. "I made a new friend!" she told little Rickey. Boy, Mr. Brad is a real natural with kids, isn't he?... (Uh, no. The answer is no.)

* The robotic Mr. Brad was priceless when he told Emily, "I honestly don't think I could be happier right now" without a trace of a smile or twinkle in his eyes. Just the usual tight-lipped frown.

* When Mr. Brad was sitting down with Shawntel just before shoving her into the limo, he tried to soften the pain by saying, "I didn't feel like a man should feel when you tell him you love him. It's not your family; they were great." The women here will have to be the final judge, but I would have thought she'd rather it be her family's fault than the fact she just doesn't do it for him. Am I wrong?

* Upcoming highlights hint at trouble in South Africa. Oh, how I hope this train derails!

* Shawntel for Bachelorette! Get on it, producers!


Karen said...

For once, I'm not going to decry what a fricking idiot Brad is. Just a couple of points:
1) When Chantal was introduced the first time, I thought there were a lot of shots of her overlooking a car dealership, so there's some recollection that her dad and she work at his dealership.
2) Upon looking for information about one of the women that seemed to just show up after 4 weeks (don't judge), I noticed that the show website actually did list her as a dentistry student. That just doesn't look as impressive as dentist. Look at all the sales executives over the years that obviously just worked retail jobs.
3) Brad saying he wasn't into Shawntel was worse than saying her family freaked him out. He's a douche if he thinks he softened anything.
4) When Shawntel said she'd never been treated like that in a relationship, I thought there'd be a bitch fest about what an idiot Brad is. But no. She actually thought he treated her well, which is laughable. See #3.
5) Emily's teeth are really starting to distract me. Like, really. There wasn't a second that it looked like Brad was having any fun. And does Emily not have any family except for her daughter? Guess she won't be winning in the end.

One thing that pleases me about this season is that "the right reasons" isn't being pushed like it was the last time. But I'm getting tired of him talking about proposing at the end of this because if there's one thing Brad has been excellent about this season, it's his obvious inability to commit and won't be getting married to anyone, hopefully ever.

Anonymous said...

Favorite comment of the night was in the recap of what's happened this season. Specifically when discussing that Chantal was emotional. In a moment of (frequent) hysteria talking about how they have shared high moments and low moments, Brad asks, "Is this a high?" Isn't that just another way of saying she's crazy? And BTW, her red dress at the rose ceremony did not help her cause in love. At all. Granted, I'm a woman, but my husband agrees.

Guy MacPherson said...

1) Nice memory! I would never recall something like that because I never know who anyone is until halfway through the season.
2) Huh. Just checked the official website and it says 'dentist' now even though it's been revealed she's not. And yeah, I realize they enhance the job titles. I wonder how many were actually waitresses.
3) Excellent. My instincts were solid.
4) She mentioned he treated her like a princess. Yeah, well, a big budget to take dates on helicopters and around the world will do that. I hope this doesn't spoil her for real life. Although if I had my way, her real life would be postponed until after a season of her as the Bachelorette.
5) I didn't notice Em's teeth. What is it about them that's distracting? I wonder if they're distracting to Ashley, too? And excellent point about her family. Maybe they visited the parents/siblings but they could only squeeze in the compelling kid storyline into the show.

Karen said...

Guy, the teeth thing is that they look so bright and fake. When Hilary Duff got new teeth, it was obvious that the teeth were new and big in her mouth. Emily's seem to be the same. I get distracted by unnatural whiteness.

What's weird is that the ABC website is the only one that says dentist. If you do a search for her, all the PR agencies/magazines list her as a dentistry student in Pennsylvania. Hmm...

RACHEL said...

Emily's teeth are amazingly fake, I agree with Karen. Blinding, almost, and too big for her mouth.

But I must disagree with both of you on point number 3. I mean: "I love you, but I just can't see marrying into your horrendous family." How is that better than coming right out and saying his feelings for her aren't strong enough?

Guy MacPherson said...

Rachel: I would say because one's personal -- it's something about *you*, whereas the other one is about someone else: your family. Besides, her family wasn't horrendous. She had cute sisters and decent parents. It's just that the dad had expectations she would take over the business in Chico, and he even relented on that. He should have stopped at saying he didn't feel the way he should have without mentioning it wasn't about her family. That way she could at least believe it was about her family.

RACHEL said...

Ya, I get what you're saying, but I thought that his honesty was admirable. I don't think he was trying to soften anything, he was just being straight up. And he didn't want her to think the breakup was about anything other than his feelings for her. I think that wondering if your family was what screwed up your relationship would drive you a little crazy.

Anyway, I guess I'm not the type who appreciates "it's not you, it's me"-type breakup lines. Just tell the frickin truth. I'm sorry, but I don't love you. Boom.