Friday, July 17, 2009

The Sports Guy weighs in

Bill Simmons, aka The Sports Guy, mentioned The Bachelorette in his latest mailbag:

Q: My girlfriend has been making me watch "The Bachelorette" and I'm not even ashamed. Isn't it easily as good as any other Monday night comedy? Plus, there's Jillian and the unending internal debate in my head as to whether she's hot or not. Literally every shot of her evokes a different reaction from me. I'm amazed at how intriguing the show is.
-- Mike B. Brighton, Mass.

[+] EnlargeJillian Harris
Kevin Winter/Getty ImagesHere's Bill's scouting report on "Bachelorette" Jillian Harris: A definite tweener.

SG: And you left out Wes, the two-timing country singer who wasn't there for the right reasons, as well as the appropriately named Ed, who couldn't rise to the occasion with Jillian in a sleepover date and now is headed for a double-bathtub ad with her for Cialis. But I had to follow up on your Jillian comment. Never, not ever, not in the history of mankind, has a TV or movie star vacillated back and forth between "not attractive" to "super attractive" this frequently. If you charted it, it would be like an EKG exam gone haywire. She's cute. She's not cute. She's hot. She's smoking! Yikes, I wish her face didn't just do that. She's cute. She's not cute. She's super cute. A genius selection by the show's producer. No wonder Ed couldn't come through on the sleepover date; even his organs were confused by Jillian's looks.

For the record, Mrs. Sports Guy, aka The Sports Gal, blogged about The Bachelor for two seasons. It was hilarious. Wish she'd make a comeback.

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Laney Landry said...

Jillian's looks continued to throw me as well. And even more, why couldn't she decide which guy she was really drawn to and will she stay attracted or will she be thinking back to the "one" she let get away. I mean, she chose Ed, who already walked on her because his biz was so damn important and she thinks he's sticking around the next time something at work needs his eyes only. Whatever! I think she's a bit to self-indulged to even know what she wanted. Seems to me she thought she wanted way too many to even be able to settle for one. Hope next season will be as challenging though because entertaining it was.