Monday, August 9, 2010

Bachelor Pad: Bringing out the best in everyone

So... Bachelor Pad. I said I wouldn't blog on it and I'm not. Although here I am. But I didn't write while watching. Didn't take notes. I just thought I'd jot down a few thoughts after the fact as a way to spur on comments from everyone else. This can be your place to share your views and we can all be in on this together. I'll go first; you add your take on it in the comments section.

  • I think I like this show more than the Bachelor/ette! It is that good/bad. It's awesomeness at its most awesome.
  • Bachelor Pad is the perfect name because it sure seems like all the women are extra hormonal.
  • The terminally cute Melissa Rycroft is the new Vanna White. Why is she even on the show? Give her a role, put her in a bikini (I don't care if she's pregnant), or get her off. But don't just have her standing around looking cute while Chris Harrison does all the heavy lifting.
  • I don't know if Elizabeth Kitt looks worse with her blonde 'do or if she's just uglier on the inside and it's just making its way out. Man, that woman can play games, can't she? Great game strategy getting the unrequited love of your life to pretend to love you back, but I'm not so sure it's a sound life strategy.
  • You all know I kinda had a thing for the psycho Michelle Kujawa. I really, really wanted her to stick around. Not just because I love her look, but because she's certifiable. She'd have been great in the weeks ahead as things get even more ramped up.
  • How rigged was that competition? I mean, all the girls want Craig McKinnon (aka the Sarnia Sleaze) voted off and surprise, surprise he wins the big Twister competition. Speaking of that game, we finally have proof these people are not in Mensa. I couldn't believe so many don't know right from left.
  • Something else I didn't know: that Jessie Sulidis had such a hot little body. She's more than just a rat, it turns out. Or she's a rat with a killer bod. I shouldn't be surprised since she always reminded me of Mary Ann from Gilligan's Island and I always liked Mary Ann way more than Ginger.
  • I still can't stand the Weather Man, Jonathan Novack. And how much time off can he get from being a weather man? Doesn't he have a job? Hell, don't any of them have jobs? Is Ali the only one who cares about her employer?
  • Tenley Molzhan... so much for America's sweetheart. What I can't figure out is why all these beautiful young people with a small measure of fame are still single. With all they have going for them, if they can't find someone to love, it's time for them to look in that deep, dark, truthful mirror.
  • Yes, I know Gia Allemand and her fake cat lips apparently have a boyfriend. But we'll see how long that lasts.
  • Peyton, Ashley, Krisily, and especially Gwen: I have no idea who you are. But I love the fact that Gwen, who's obviously had some work done and was on the second season way back whenever that was, gives her age as ??. She's a lady, you see. And a lady never reveals her age... once she reaches 40.
That's it from me. Your turn. Don't be shy.


RACHEL said...

So many burning questions raised by this first episode. Did Michelle really get it on with Craig? Can Elizabeth successfully blackmail Jesse into loving her? Will David show his scary temper or has he transformed into Mr. Nice Guy? Will the Weatherman lose his virginity? Is Gia *really* the hottest woman in the house? I think the genius here lies in the fact that we've seen these people before and remember them well. Big Brother never took off here the way it did in the U.K., but this version, with its familiar faces, has an immediate hook. It's a steaming stew of hormones and hard-bodies and I just can't look away.

Guy MacPherson said...

Good questions, Rachel.
1. Craig mentioned his "bunkmate" in reference to her, but I'm not sure if he was just playing off the rumours and being ironic, or if they really did get it on.
2. Not a chance.
3. Better yet, will someone break the man code? Similar to this question, will Craig (Sarnia Sleaze) show that he's not such a bad guy afterall, too?
4. Not a chance? I read an excerpt of his blog and he was saying his strategy was not to hook up with anyone in the first episode. Uh, yeah, good "strategy". If he hooks up with anyone, it'll be the first time.
5. Gia isn't even close to being the hottest woman in the house. Great body, shame about the face. Although I'm sure her real face was cuter than she thought it was. But unfortunately it's sitting in a jar in some plastic surgeon's office.

One other point I forgot to mention is the bogus ending. Why couldn't we see the results of the vote? I have no confidence the producers don't just pick whoever they want. They should pull out the photos one by one so we not only know who really got voted out, but we know who else got votes.

And since there isn't one suitor, get rid of the roses.

RACHEL said...

Yeah, the roses are stupid. They're just trying to make sure the show stays tied to the Bachelor franchise. And you're right about the vote! They should have pulled 'em out on screen a la Survivor. Although that's easily fudge-able, too. But it would be interesting.

I agree with you about Gia's poor face. But then who? I know you were partial to crazy Michelle, but now that she's gone... Natalie? Tenley? I'd say maybe Ashley or Nikki, but I suspect you'll disagree with me there.

Jenn said...

Hahahaha I loved how they first introduced the Weatherman with the subtitled name, "Weatherman."

Bachelor Pad WIN!

Karen said...

What I don't understand is how Elizabeth can say she loves Jesse and that they have something serious going on, yet neither of them knew the other was going to be there. What kind of fucked up relationship has two parts of a couple not know where the other is going for, potentially, months?

I was sad to see Juan leave so quickly. He's so smarmy and would have been a good contender against some of the crazy men. Who would have thought Wes wouldn't be the worst guy in the room?

So... ya. This is going to be a trainwreck. A scratching, hair-pulling (from both genders [I'm looking at you, Mr. Sissypants, Weatherman]) punch-up, drunken trainwreck.