Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Week 2: Brad hasn't quit yet

Still not posting... still not posting... still not posting.

But while I'm here, it's amazing the loonies they get each and every season, isn't it? Do they know ahead of time which ones will be psycho crazy? Or is it just luck of the draw?

I thought each of the one-on-one dates (the dentist and the artist) were both good, but I think the dentist is probably better suited for the 2-time Bachelor. Jackie's just too cute, young and naive. Brad described her as sophisticated but she looks like a flighty, artsy tomboy to me. In a good sense.

Don't remember too much of anyone else but I did notice he kept the vampire around another week because, you know, he's serious about finding a wife.

More atrocious and ridiculous fake acting on the group date and I see they're going to be doing more fake acting in an upcoming episode. Because that never gets old. Can't wait till they break out the helicopter.

It was nice to see whatserface and whatsisname again. God, I'm bad with names. Roberto is the guy... Oh, and Ali. Is that the correct spelling? I hate to be catty but someone should tell Ali that slacks are a nice option.

Glad the two drama queens made a quick exit. One more to go with the Utah beauty. I can't believe they made her spend her 30th birthday on national TV filming a public service announcement for the Red Cross, those rat bastards. If I've learned one thing from watching this show over the years is that drop-dead gorgeous women are Trouble with a capital T, that rhymes with B, which stands for Bitch. And that all southern belles are widowed single moms who are the salt of the earth.

Oh, and my pet peeve – duplicate names. I say it each season. There really is no need for contestants with the same name. Surely there's a large pool of candidates. If they find they have two with the same first name, tell one of them they'll invite them back to the next season. Either that or call one of them by their middle name. But it's too confusing with a room full of strangers. It's hard enough keeping up with the ones with different names.

That's all I got. Thanks to my loyal readers Jenn and Anonymous for their comments. Keep 'em coming. Surely you guys have more to say than I gave you.


Karen said...

Secretly, I was hoping Michelle would get a punch in the face for her birthday. Did she not know her birthday was going to be during filming? Plan your life better, lady, or shut the hell up.

I was really confused why he was so freaked out that someone who is probably only 23 has dated (only) two people. Apparently being a fantastically huge whore and dating an entire state is more his style. Or maybe he knows he doesn't actually stand a chance with a girl with standards and wants to cut her loose before she points out what an asshat he is.

Rachel and I also noticed that this week they put on the camera filter that takes it out of realtime and into pre-taped. You know what I mean? All those terribly fake-looking flowers from last week looked less fake with the filter. This is the first time in the history of this show. Now it's less reality, more drama. :)

I LOL'ed about the vampire comment. I assume he's waiting to get her into a hotel room to see if she's there for the right reasons. Why can't they have a fantasy fan with a cape, or a pagan with the ability to cast spells? It would legitimise this franchise in a second.

RACHEL said...

Really enjoying your non posts.

I was so pleased when he ditched both of the drama queens. Ladies, have you not heard yet? Crying totally does not turn guys on!


Also, didn't you think the deserted carnival date was creepy as hell?