Sunday, March 1, 2009

Jason on The View

I know, I know, it's not Monday night. But this is Bachelor-related. Did everyone see Jason on The View on Friday? I thought I'd post the clip here in case you missed it. I'll do a running play-by-play below:

The ditzy one (I forget her name. She's the young blonde who loves George W. Bush and ticket to fame was as a contestant on Survivor... Oh, Elizabeth! That's it) asks if he's engaged. Why do people ask questions that they know can't be answered? And even if they could, we wouldn't want to know the answer. Who wants to know how a movie ends before they watch it? It's more fun guessing and going along with the ride.

Jason non-answers by saying he's completely in love. And what is he supposed to say, that he kinda likes her but isn't sure yet? Don't they all say they're completely ga-ga over the gal or guy? And then six weeks later we get the news they've broken up but still really care deeply for each other.

He also says the winner is moving to Seattle. I guess all three (that includes DeAnna) have nothing keeping them in their own hometowns, so that bit of info doesn't help.

Elizabeth brings up an internet rumour which posits that he proposed to Melissa, then immediately had second thoughts and proposed to Molly instead. If so, five words: most dramatic rose ceremony ever! But if that's the case, I would hope Molly turns him down. How could that even happen? What kind of messed up person could get something like that wrong?

Jason doesn't respond, saying he doesn't know all the rumours out there. But he does address one accusation. He says there is no set-up, no conspiracy. It's his true life. Well, true life on television anyway. He stakes his life on it. His television life, I'm sure he means.

In describing the two finalists, he says Melissa is the "ultimate wife. She's sweet, she's beautiful, she's fun, she's exciting. She's everything."

About Molly he says, "She became a great friend." Oops. Does that mean she's gone? We know how he feels about friendship. But he does say "there's passion there. She's sweet, she's fun."

So where does that leave us? I've always felt that whoever they make it seem is going to be the choice is usually not the choice. He's says the dilemma is that there are the two girls. Nary a mention of DeAnna. I don't know what to make of that. It could mean anything. Either that DeAnna could be the big surprise or it means that she played virtually no role in the outcome.

Joy asks Jason if he slept with both of them on the overnights. Jason coyly doesn't answer, pretending to be a gentleman, but then says that physical part of a relationship is important. Does that answer your question, Joy? It should.

He mentions Jillian when Elizabeth says it seemed there was some chemistry between them. Jason admits there was, but wondered if it was enough to be forever. Oh, sweet, naive Jason.

Shari asks how he can go from kissing Jillian to kissing Molly to kissing Melissa. She is such a woman. How is that even a real question?

Whoopi says Jason has a "really adorable little kid". Keep in mind, this is Whoopi Goldberg.

Shari asks if he's still in love with DeAnna. Finally! Put him in the hot seat. But the gals all start talking over each other and he doesn't have to answer. They show the scene where he's bawling on the balcony and the conversation turns that way. He says it's the most he's ever cried and that he wasn't acting. We saw him on the General Hospital set, so we can believe him on that point, at least.

Jason also talks about his ex-wife for the first time in... ever. He says they are really, really great friends. Ergo, Jillian's exit. Ergo, maybe, Molly's. Hello, Melissa Mesnick! Although he once described Mel as reminding him of both his ex and DeAnna. Hmm.

So that's it. Only one more sleep. Can you stand it?

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